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Congratulations Nicole Bammel Senior FS !

Nicole and coach Sergei Petrovskiy

On June 25 2009 my friend Nicole Bammel of Onyx-Suburban SA passed her Senior FS test. I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicole for many years, and have never yet seen her skate a more perfect or inspiring program. What a great time to be your best!!! Passing the Senior Freeskating test and the 15 tests that must precede it is a tremendously difficult task that requires years and years of dedicated work, and a great deal of skill. Only a small percentage of skaters can claim this great prize, and very few among the general public can claim any other accomplishment of comparable effort.

Nicole is pictured here with her coach Sergei Petrovskiy.

To every skater that successfully meets this challenge, and especially to Nicole on her special day, Congratulations !!!

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