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Congratulations Triple-Gold Colleen Clancy !

Claire Smyth with partner Brandon Forsyth

On June 5 2010 my friend Colleen Clancy of Michigan's Kalamazoo FSC passed her final Gold Dance, the Westminster Waltz. Reaching the top of any of the skating disciplines is a tremendous challenge; passing all 23 Dance tests requires great endurance as well as great skill!!

Colleen is pictured here with partner Brandon Forsyth. Colleen is also coached by Jennifer Heurlin-Brenne and Jennifer Miller, and is proud to have met her goal of 3xGold prior to her high school graduation (she reached SRF on Mar 26 of this year). Colleen will attend Miami University next fall and hopes to continue skating.

To every skater that successfully meets this challenge, and especially to Colleen on this special day, Congratulations !!!

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