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1999 Michigan High School Competition Results

Plymouth Cultural Center - Apr 24, 1999
Preliminary Freeskate
1 Jenifer Dawson     Divine Child HS
2 Leann Durcanin     Divine Child HS
3 Amy Zimmermann     Birmingham  (unified)
4 Suzanne Burley     Divine Child HS
5 Amanda McCandless  Southgate Anderson HS
6 Kathryn Takach     Ladywood HS

PreJuvenile Freeskate
1 Kerrie Lemerand    Roosevelt HS
2 Sara Dassow        Roosevelt HS
3 Kelly Cole         Roosevelt HS
4 Abby Therrien      Birmingham  (unified)
5 Amanda Shinever    Southgate Anderson HS
6 Bridgette Burley   Ladywood HS

Juvenile Freeskate
1 Carrie Yakowich    Southgate Anderson HS
2 Meredith Moran     Birmingham  (unified)
3 Gina Sommariva     Divine Child HS
4 Leah Karchin       Grosse Pointe HS
5 Meghan Barrett     Birmingham  (unified)
6 Karl Heilman       Port Huron Northern HS
7 Kelly Chick        Allen Park HS
8 Meredith Bonahoom  Birmingham  (unified)

Intermediate Freeskate
1 Susan Rzeppa       Roosevelt HS
2 Katie Haller       Ladywood HS
3 Amber Rostkowski   Roosevelt HS
4 Selena Zarate      Divine Child HS
5 Leticia Romero     Divine Child HS
6 Simrun Kochhar     Huron HS
7 Lindsay Crooks     Allen Park HS
8 Kristen Longfellow Ladywood HS
9 Bethany Grabiel    Birmingham  (unified)
Novice Freeskate
1 Sarah Hull         Divine Child HS
2 Andrea Fraser      Port Huron Northern HS
3 Lauren McConnell   Roosevelt HS
4 Jessica Sawyers    Dearborn HS
5 Chelsea Wilson     Birmingham  (unified)
6 Molly Townsend     Ladywood HS
7 Eve Share          Birmingham  (unified)
8 Julia Segall       Huron HS
9 Madeline Kotowicz  Huron HS
10 Stephany Coffman- Ladywood HS

Junior/Senior Freeskate
1 Cori Chase         Grosse Pointe HS
2 Crystal Swiney     Southgate Anderson HS
3 Melissa Orr        Port Huron Northern HS

Team Compulsory Maneuvers
1 Grosse Pointe HS Silver Blades
2 Huron HS River Rats
3 Port Huron Northern HS Huskies
4 Divine Child HS Falcons
5 Roosevelt HS Bears
6 Dearborn HS Pioneers
7 Southgate Anderson HS Titans
8 Birmingham High Schools (unified)
9 Allen Park HS Jaguars
10 Ladywood HS Blazers

Team Compulsory Spins
1 Huron HS River Rats
2 Allen Park HS Jaguars
3 Roosevelt HS Bears
4 Grosse Pointe HS Silver Blades
5 Port Huron Northern HS Huskies
6 Dearborn HS Pioneers
7 Ladywood HS Blazers
8 Divine Child HS Falcons
9 Birmingham High Schools (unified)
10 Southgate Anderson HS Titans

What a GREAT team experience for all involved, and what an exciting new concept! Contact Donna Haller at for more information about the competition, or how to start a team at your school.
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