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Results of Indiv Events Competition at Dearborn, Sat Jan 13, 2001 - (Freeskating)

Downriver District   Northern Suburbs   Western Suburbs
Beginner FS
1 Diana Page Grand Ledge
2 Susan Manoogian Gabriel Richard
PrePreliminary FS
1 David Roberts Gabriel Richard
Preliminary FS
1 Cherie Shown Southgate Anderson
2 Ashley Carnarvon Southgate Anderson
3 Susan Meyer Southgate Anderson
4 Kerrie Lernerand Wyandotte Roosevelt
5 Kate Jerome Wyandotte Roosevelt
6 Amanda McCandless Southgate Anderson
7 Kristen Ross Southgate Anderson
8 Kelly Kowalkowski Southgate Anderson
PreJuvenile FS
1 Rachel Musick Southgate Anderson
2 Kelly Cole Wyandotte Roosevelt
3 Kendra Skattle Southgate Anderson
Juvenile FS
1 Kimberly Diehl Gabriel Richard
2 Sarah Rutkowski Southgate Anderson
3 Jennifer McIntosh Wyandotte Roosevelt
Intermediate FS
1 Rachael Boonie Gabriel Richard
2 Nicole Vasilnek Grand Ledge
3 Amber Rostkowski Wyandotte Roosevelt
4 Casie Fritz Grosse Ile
5 Megan Murray Trenton
Novice FS
1 Deanna Clark Grand Ledge
Junior FS
1 Ashley Diersch Grosse Ile
Senior FS
1 Christie Jaszewski Grosse Ile
Preliminary FS
1 Jenny Thomas Pt Huron Northern
2 Ericka Politowicz Pt Huron Northern
3 Kristen Baker Royal Oak
PreJuvenile FS
1 Eric Field Grosse Pointe
2 Jamie Pillow Troy
3 Lauren Sofy Troy
4 Amy Brown Traverse City
5 Amy Zimmerman Birmingham
Juvenile FS
1 Lisa Walker Traverse City
2 Wynn Calcutt Traverse City
3 Stephanie Zalucha Traverse City
Intermediate A
1 Brooke Castille Grosse Pointe
2 Christine Schultz Troy
3 Beth Dorr Troy
4 Courtney Healy Birmingham
5 Anne Cubera Birmingham
6 Laura Walker Traverse City
Intermediate B
1 Kacey Dittmer Royal Oak
2 Justin Williams Pt Huron Northern
3 Katie Wiegand Pt Huron Northern
4 Emily Badhorn Troy
5 Leah Karchin Grosse Pointe
6 Jennifer Ponczocha Birmingham
7 Callie Gaines Traverse City
Intermediate Final
1 Brooke Castile Grosse Pointe
2 Kacey Dittmer Royal Oak
3 Beth Dorr Troy
4 Christine Schultz Troy
5 Katie Wiegand Pt Huron Northern
6 Justin Williams Pt Huron Northern
Novice FS
1 Camie Cusack Grosse Pointe
2 Sarah Broxterman Birmingham
3 Megan Lardner Pt Huron Northern
4 Michelle Barbour Troy
5 Sarah Moran Pt Huron Northern
Junior FS
1 Laura Maddox Birmingham
Senior FS
1 Lisa Rheaume Grosse Pointe
2 Ashley Wilson Traverse City
3 Chelsea Wilson Birmingham
Beginner FS
1 Marisa Arcori Mercy
PrePreliminary FS
1 Kristy Bishop Northville
2 Kristy Franciosi Ladywood
3 Rebecca Beglin Ladywood
4 Samantha Lehto Farmington
Preliminary FS
1 Melissa Maxwel Farmington
2 Ashton Broquet Divine Child
3 Andrea Sulek Northville
4 Anna Wisne Ladywood
5 Kathryn Takach Ladywood
PreJuvenile FS
1 Nicole Zaleski Mercy
2 Kayla Bridges Ladywood
Juvenile FS
1 Kelly Womack Farmington
2 Stephanie Papich Northville
3 Christina Mezwa Ladywood
4 Elizabeth Brooks Farmington
Intermediate FS
1 Carrie Banner Northville
2 Calynn Berry Northville
3 Ai Kawashima Farmington
4 Kiersten Cummings Farmington
5 Jessica Start Mercy
6 Kate Karpinski Ladywood
Novice FS
1 Selena Zarate Divine Child
2 Kristen Nycek Plymouth Canton
3 Crystal Jugaszek Divine Child
4 Heather Barent Northville
Junior FS
1 Halie Bojovic Northville
2 Katie Haller Ladywood
3 Erin Banner Northville
Senior FS
1 Brandi Reed Plymouth/Canton
2 Caitlyn Donnellan Ann Arbor Huron
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